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Hands Down BEST Way to Deal with the Paparazzi & Hecklers May 02 2013

* Life lesson of the day: When life hands you lemons make lemonade. *

Here are two great examples of when people do just that:

Dealing with the Paparazzi:


 Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield. (via: JustJared)

Dealing with Hecklers:

Happy Thursday, gypsies!


Explore. Dream. Discover. April 24 2013

Strolling along downtown Fairfield, Connecticut on an idle Wednesday morning, coffee in hand, I stumbled upon the inspiration for today's post--a statue paying tribute to the great Mark Twain. So here you have it, in quote poster form, one of my all time favorite Mark Twain quotes:

Every positive thought... April 23 2013

Every positive thought propels you in the right direction.

(photo taken my backyard in Fairfield, CT, on a day showing some of the first signs of spring, April 23, 2013)