Happy Craft-o-ween! October 31 2014

Took the afternoon to make use of some scraps of kraft colored cardstock. (The leftover scraps from our Hope Clips packaging design.)
And bits and pieces found around the house -- another  scrap of ribbon and a few clippings from a wild bush in the back yard.

I wonder what type of berries these are. Nature is beautiful <3

Today's creation: paper pumpkin centerpieces =)



Crocheted Floral Hand-Warmers Just In! November 04 2013

And we're loving 'em already!

What I'm wearing:
- Floral Crocheted Hand-Warmers (Color: Cocoa)
- Pashmina scarf from Mercato degli San Lorenzo in Florence, Italy
- Italian two-tone leather bag from small boutique near Santo Spirito in Florence, Italy
- JCrew toggle-button coat in winter-white
- My favorite leather boots


And now for the close up shot:

- Floral Crocheted Hand-Warmers (Color: Cocoa)

Soho Style: New Arrivals! November 03 2013

These just in:

Crocheted floral hand warmers made by women in Nepal. And they're fleece lined!  warm, yummy, soft fleece lining <3

Fall Fashions October 31 2013

Boots and legging and pumpkin spice coffee, oh my!

What I'm Wearing:
    - The Wrap, (Color: nutmeg)
    - Playsuit Leggings, (Color: tweed)
    - Opera Sleeves (Color: camel)



What I'm Wearing:
    - Playsuit Leggings, (Color: tweed)
    - Cap Sleeve Tunic (Color: Vanilla)
    - Drapey patterned cardigan
    - boots


Nothing like coffee and fingerless gloves on a brisk Fall morning. 

What I'm Wearing:

     - Opera Sleeves (Color: Camel)
     - Thick cozy gray sweater thrift shop find ;)


What I'm Wearing:

     - Hourglass (as a scarf): Color: Subtle Slate Stripe
     - Cap Sleeve Tunic (Color: Vanilla)