Chase those dreams April 05 2013

For all the vagabond hearts out there, 

The launch of marks the beginning of my latest and one of my most exciting entrepreneurial endeavors to date-- creating a virtual marketplace that brings all my favorite travel-savvy finds together under one (figurative) roof to share with all you like-minded wanderlusting, modern-day gypsies, with good fashion sense, and a knack for being, well, let's face it... pretty awesome ;) 

Now, if we were to rewind for a minute, and flash back in time to a mid 1990's spring afternoon in Connecticut, it's highly likely that you'd find me doing one of the following 3 things:

1) rallying the neighborhood kids to come pay 10 cents to check out the "zoo" or "museum" I set up using my "ABC Book of Nature" book to craft blurbs for the various "exhibits" in my back yard

2) waving at passing cars with a passion and a giant toothy grin to match, standing next to my     electric pink posterboard "Lemonade, 25cents!" sign

3) practicing my 3-pt shot into the trash can with all the discarded drafts of whatever flag or newsletter aligned with the latest club I'd launched

Back then, the seven year old version of me never took no for an answer... and twenty years later, I still don't.  I believe whole heartedly that you can do whatever you put your mind to do and that everything in life happens for a reason. It is the killer combination of these two beliefs that turns dreams into realities. While my dream involves serial-entrepreneurism coupled with an ongoing experiment in lifestyle design, yours may look entirely different. The fact of the matter is that it can be whatever you wish. 

Design the life you want to live, and never let those who are too scared to pursue their dreams discourage you from going after yours. Make it happen.  You have one  life to live. Chase those dreams, and make every day count. 

A presto,