Espresso Dress Inspiration Board May 13 2013



Piece by Piece:
- Angelrox Espresso Wrap -  via Kismetry
- GreenTree Recycled Wood Earrings - via Kismetry
- Italian Leather Bracelets- via street vendors in Firenze, Italia
- Succulent Garden - image via Tumblr
- Leather Sandals - via Far Fetch
- "The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page" Quote Poster - via Kismetry on Pinterest

Nautical Stripe Inspiration Board May 07 2013


Piece by Piece:
- Angelrox Nautical Stripe Wrap -  via Kismetry
- Foundling 'Darling' Necklace - via Etsy
- Italian Leather Bag - via NotOnTheHighStreet
- Straw Fedora - via Banana Republic
- Craspedia Billy Button Bout - via Botanica Floral Designs
- Aviator Sunglasses - via Ray Ban

- "Dream a little bigger darling" quote poster - via Kismetry on Pinterest

Backyard Photoshoot - April 2013 April 26 2013

What I'm wearing:















A Necklace With a Story

One week ago today: I shared a beautiful moment with someone who had been a total stranger only minutes before:

The scene: a Mexican bar in midtown, Manhattan

The story: There was a woman sitting at the bar, whose necklace I absolutely adored (a pretty little silver om on a delicate chain)... so I told her it was lovely and my friend and I started to chat with her and her boyfriend over some seriously strong margaritas (obligatory sidenote: tequila you are a sneaky little thing, you!) Our night continued on with much bonding, and after saying goodbye at the end of the night, she came back into the bar, and from behind me clasped her little Om necklace around my neck. She told me that I'd touched her, she felt lucky to meet me, and to one day pass it along to someone when the moment feels right.

One week later, I'm still wearing her necklace, and every time I touch it, am reminded of the goodness in people, and how wonderful an experience it can be to embrace new people and experiences that life brings your way.

Life lesson of the week: Pay it forward.