Picnicking: Dining in the Great Wide Open April 25 2013

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First Stop: Dublin, Ireland - And the Adventure Begins April 24 2013

October 2, 2012:
Brough the sun with me on the plane ride across the Atlantic. Arrived in Dublin after an overnight flight to a bright beautiful morning. While walking to my host's apartment, I stumbled upon a cute little brunch place, situated across from the Ha'penny Bridge. I ordered a traditional Irish breakfast, complete with the fixings, and a cappucino.  

About 5 minutes later, this gentleman walks over, recites a limerick, to myself and the couple at the table next to me, tips his hat, and continues on his merry way. I snapped this photo as he was departing.

Note to self: Limericks sound even better when told in an authentic Dubliner's accent.

<3 Laur

Inspiration for the next adventure: Road Trips April 23 2013

Pack those bags-- it's time to hit the road.

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Inspiration: For the Next Adventure April 22 2013


Inspiration for the next adventure...  Where to this time?

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And if my journey's are going to start anywhere? I think Italy is just the place...

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Targeting this fall.... September 2013, get ready... I'm coming for you ;)


5 Amazing Travel Photos, Week of April 21, 2013 April 21 2013

1.  Brave Elephant, Victoria Falls, Zambia 

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2. Tibetan Prayer Flags
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3. Santorini, Greece
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4. Crystal Clear Waters
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5. Sunset, Girona, Spain
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