What Kismetry's All About

Kismetry is a word created from the root word "kismet" meaning "fate"--the positive mantra of believing in the idea that everything happens for a reason, and serves as a kind reminder to remember when life hands you lemons to make lemonade.

Kismetry supports the idea that you can do whatever you set their mind to do, and is proud to support women entrepreneurs that bring these beliefs to life.

All of Kismetry's products support women owned businesses, companies with a focus on giving back, and those who live by our mantra of "Have passport. Will Travel."  A place where rustic elegance and vagabond souls unite. Come one, come all, we welcome you to explore the ever growing collection of curated of travel goodies and lifestyle accessories!

Laur's Story

Founded in 2013 by Lauren Smith--curator, entrepreneur, blogger, lifestyle designer, and a bit of a "gypsetter" (gypsy jet-setter) --, Kismetry aims to provide a centralized location to shop Laur's curated collection of great finds gathered together from her travels and adventures.

An outlet for curating great finds along the way and a place to post daily inspiration for following your dreams and living the life you imagine, Laur designs daily inspiration posters that she shares on her blog: www.kismetry.com/blogs/news and on Kismetry's "The Pen is Mightier" Pinterest Board: http://pinterest.com/kismetry/the-pen-is-mightier/